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Month: October 2016

Fishing for Wholeness

addtext_com_mdyyndm1mta0mjmzAs an observer of life, I recognize my need to fill a void. I fish for the next shiny new thing, the final accomplishment that brings wholeness to my existence, striving toward something at the next turn in the bend. Running for this finish line, expecting to feel complete, leaves a feeling of emptiness. An anticlimactic victory carries diminished expectation of pure elation that turns quickly to disappointment. Motivated by achievement, the results are an empty promise, a delayed realization that life is not about fishing. The wholeness has always been there. I had the magic, power, and fullness all along; I simply had to search within myself and feel it, know it, and embrace it.

My wholeness exists always, yet this truth escapes me often. Nothing I do, say, or have changes this absolute truth. Fishing to snag something for nourishment, for sport, for completion, only offers a brief moment of unfulfilled fullness. Soon I throw the fish back into the water. This marks a reckoning, a sigh, and the acceptance that victory contained tremendous limits and lost its luster soon after catching the prize. Believing I wanted to eat, cook, and bask in the accomplishment longer, dwell in its victory, quickly surfaces the reverse reality. Instead, I return the fish to its origin while I search again for another roaming animal of accomplishment…

Until I know, feel, and accept the freedom and truth of my wholeness.

Open Doors


A peace washes over me. I hear creaking sounds of doors fluttering open and awaken to signs that the universe is guiding, supporting, and orchestrating a high resonance of change on my behalf. An energetic vibration lifts me to exceptional heights. It reminds me to surrender, have faith, and instinctually glide with the flow that surrounds me.

Not long ago doors seemed sealed, negative space occupied my thoughts. I appeared lost; my heart and soul were down for the count. Yet I continued to show up until a day came more beautiful and fulfilling than the last. Maintenance of perpetual positive energy embraced me, releasing pessimism.

Love, gratitude, and compassion embody the staples of this high resonance. Opportunities abound, doors fling open, and anything becomes possible. I walk in the direction of my dreams without hesitation, inscribed by love, kindness, and presence. Trusting that the universe has my back perpetuates this existence.

Open doors are blessings awaiting vision, positivity, and belief.


Inward Reflection

addtext_com_mdkxmji0mte3mzaInward reflection arrives again as the seasons change. My color-coded calendar paints a rainbow of new activity and novel vision sets its sight on my future. An aromatic crispness fills the air as temperatures cool; my tires contract as if drawing inward as they roll. Similarly I travel inward bound, retreat from the external space, feel the quiet settle within me, and close off contact to reflect. Introspection grabs me as the ebb of this season flows into the next; it is my pause button. I stop to take stock, ground myself as I peek through the trees whose leaves are descending, observing the awe-inspiring radiant sky above for guidance to pay homage to my future intentions. Presence of great power draws faith for making alterations into an improved version of my life.

As I walk through the woods, present with each breath, abundant energy filters through me. My head, initially basking with details, my heart, pleading for self-love and change, and my body, heavy with sludge built on poor choices, demand adjustments. With each step, clarity comes, answers illuminate, and new perspective alters my existence. The air beckons novel thoughts, feelings, and views; it bellows new visions reaching fruition, clears sticky cobwebs of the past.” As the path splits, I know instinctively which avenue to embrace; my heart settles with ease with its decision; and I recognize the path less traveled is mine. As the turn orients back to my starting point, it differs from my initial steps into the forest. I head toward newfound freedom, a changed life, and an altered path my navigation system did not initially recognize.

Inward reflection changes me; it transforms my future and lets the leaves fall not where ye may, yet where I place them to live a better life.

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