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Writers Transfer Truth

Sometimes I arrive at the keyboard without knowing what will materialize. Ideas transfer from heart to mind to fingertips to keys. I trust the process and my fingers do the walking, allowing words to orient themselves upon the page. There is no foresight, no added clues when I sit daily. I surrender and the words flow through me. I am not actually the writer, yet a conduit for the muse that has chosen me. Writers transfer truth.

Rotating Life

My life flashbacks and rotates along a conveyor belt of visuals. I see myself standing before a classroom, numbers upon a chalkboard, equations solved, and students learning earnestly. Yet life interrupts; the vision changes to myself as a student, laptop propped upon, and a graduation cap with red tassel flung aside, and the letters M, B, and A, displayed on my new resume. A man enters the flowing lifecycle, and a white veil guides me down an aisle. Visions of sending packages to customers, product distribution, and inventory stocked upon my shelves, multiple, profitable transactions per day meld my entrepreneurial existence. Birthing babies fills my life with breastfed infants, diaper changes, and chauffeuring kids to the hustle and bustle. Non-profit boards bring new meaning to charity, volunteering keeps math and teaching alive, and community-based giving occupies next steps.

Writing Arrives

Yet one inspiring day, writing arrives without warning, records the memories, and opens a dormant heart. It relays experience and fosters vulnerability for connecting with others, healing hurt within me. Truth flashes across pages. Readers recognize their own plight; feel emotions my words evoke. Hardwired to connect, the words are conduits to weave the web between us. Writing fosters the senses, utters purpose, and illustrates understanding; healing takes place. The words pave my path for inner analysis and an opening of love and belonging. My keyboard is the cog in a wheel that moves this energy; my fingers acknowledge and act in kind. Words flow with what matters, showering the world with consideration, healing, and love between life’s pages and passages. Through this conduit, my words transfer truth.