Spiritual film, discussion, and reading have awakened my energy and connection to a higher vibration and alignment with a higher source. Finding stillness, living in the present moment, and aligning with life’s energy and something greater than ourselves, while a fast-paced existence spins by, is helpful for any endeavor. Within the present moment, a connected web of oneness grows from the universe’s origin, from a divine core, from whence we came, and spreads throughout creation. Therefore, everything designed and formed from a divine entity correlates and weaves, interlocking with action and energy. Alignment with this vibration along the weight loss journey is useful knowledge.

This belief sometimes forgotten, misunderstood, or unutilized, leads to a meaningful life. On a wellness journey, it holds the key to manifesting the body, mind, and spirit as deemed fit. That everything felt, done, and thought is a reflection of our energy’s vibration, enables any goal to come to fruition. Weight loss and fitness goals carry the same potential. Goals aligned with Source’s optimal energy receive the same results. Resistance responds with opposition, diversion, and distraction, when a belief, action, or feeling disconnect with intentions set. Clearing thoughts, entering a space of stillness, and retreating from the mind to heart-based living, make anything possible.

Find stillness by tuning into the five senses to feel moment-by-moment sensations with sensitive awareness and perception. Like meditation, experiencing any given moment creates a pause, where no-thing exists, when stillness precludes all activity. Felt easily when the mind is at rest, while taking a shower, driving, running, meditation, or within the energetic “zone” of any activity, allows the heart to sing and sound louder. It is the pause or silence amid the notes of life, between fingers hitting a keypad, and the stillness that echoes throughout a day, and the essence linking things, interwoven and connected to all.

Energetic vibration aligning with fitness and weight loss goals is part of the journey. Excessively slow weight loss speed by resistance playing a definitive role may contain misalignment with goals and self-limiting beliefs impeding progress. Fear of the unknown avenue of weight loss and maintenance, lowers effective energy for successful intentions. To change limiting beliefs, transform into a knowing like no other toward a higher energetic vibration that aligns with goals. Actions then directly correlate with successful outcomes, moving intentions into results.

Beliefs aligned with goals along the weight loss journey are imperative. Believing it possible, deserved, worthy of the beholder, contribute to thriving outcomes. Finding stillness to meditate upon a result, including a lean, fit, strong body is helpful toward transformation. An energetic alignment enables the increased acceleration toward weight loss and fitness success. Pieces fall inevitably into place; the universe acts upon our behalf with inspired actions via healthy foods eaten, and fitness levels achieved. This spiritual sample utilized along the weight loss journey fosters success. An awakening to stillness, reflection, and manifestation are prerequisites. Alignment with goals and acting from intuitive inspiration enable a winning path.