It happens suddenly. It catches us off guard. It feels like a glitch in the senses. Stamina, perseverance, and resilience play their parts, when unexpectedly a flash of weakness leaks, nudging change. Unsuspecting, its stealth entrance barely announces itself. Reaction time is a crawl, observable, but unavoidable. Motivation, determination, and energy wane from paltry weather, limited sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Smiles dim, attitudes darken, and shadows brew slowing response time, and increase a weakened state of being, until actions snowball and solidify.

Degradation of spirit and reduced physical strength creep silently. Greater time gaps between meals weaken the body; healthy, prepared foods dwindle to scarcity; and laziness lingers. Generated hunger causes cravings, the discomfort developing into subconscious decision making. Unmeasured and unrecorded food intake breaks a cycle of responsible tracking. Unfelt emotions withdraw, lying dormant and hidden, while actions lack alertness.

Ravenous craving leads to over consumption. Sugar-free gum fosters chewing uncontrollably, wanting, needing, pleading for relief of the internal disorientation. Although food options may be healthy, any binge, the subconscious actions, and uncontrollable behavior exhibit an unwise path. This tumbling potentially gravitates toward avalanche-type potential and greater intensity. Physical, imbalanced sugar levels attempt to regain equilibrium, while psychological ramifications take an emotional toll carrying guilt and disappointment. Numbed, unexpressed feelings continue craving an outlet.

Weather, denying emotions, low vitamin-D levels, and hormones attribute to unhealthy reactions, stealthily in ninja –style, targeting weaknesses. Defense of unruly, invisible factors require focused awareness. To counter a downfall along the weight loss journey, journal the consumed, binged food; acknowledge mistakes and practice self-compassion by forgiving yourself; and choose how to respond differently next time. Awaken the senses and emotions by leaning into them when triggered into silent submission. Little needs to occur to falter, yet resuming control and success is a matter of mindfulness and eliminating the elements that downgraded energy and awareness. Return to a place of strength when weakness peeks.