When healing occurs, emotional triggers become negligible. Releasing the past, healing old wounds, and establishing independent reactions, enable negative, internal conversations beneath the surface to blur, accessing positive intentions, focus, and drive to live our best lives.

Yet words and emotions heard and felt as a child barrel out of a metaphoric gun to shoot, maim, and injure innocent bystanders within our present and future. Each experience aligns with the next, affecting our present social and emotional situations. The past has us responding long after experiences physically vanish. Beliefs created, pain engraved, and hurt buried within, affect current day circumstances, as well as possible anger, resentment, and need for control that respond as reminders of our past.

Triggered by history, blood pressures rise, Cortisol levels climb, and numbing agents alleviate discomfort of past trauma. Anesthetizing emotions and pain through eating continue to plague many. Wanting to thwart emotional or physical hurt create undesired, accumulated pounds, and narrows the optimum, health path, sometimes squeezing it out entirely.

Changing mindset, acquiring tools to alleviate old reactions, and establishing novel approaches to newly defined situations are crucial to heal elements that trigger self-sabotage and emotional upheaval. Recognizing and learning from personal history while adding forgiveness are steps to healing. Freeing oneself from entrenched, dormant, and reactive emotional triggers is also beneficial. Experiencing self-compassion, utilizing social support, feeling self-respect, self-love, and self-worth align with change.

Alleviating triggers and a misaligned path, avenues for optimal emotional, physical, and spiritual health are necessary for long-term success. Easy in theory, it is a lifelong learning process and practice to heal painful pasts and relinquish reactive emotions. Releasing that which triggers us, we move toward greater consciousness while navigating through the world. “We will continue to be triggered until we are healed.” – Louise Hay