Rewriting our stories, changing our lives, and altering circumstances, is foreign for many. We settle into a comfort zone, build foundations within boundaries, and score the lines of our existence within margins. Past constraints, limited beliefs, and former decisions prime our present choices. Reacting to our current predicaments is one way to live, while another is to reframe, observe our lives through a different lens, and rewrite the tale. Whether weight loss, career change, or engaging in new relationships, when inspiring change by steering, rerouting, or shifting our story, a constantly improving life unfolds.

A limited, adjusted, and worn path initially created awaits change. Complacent, steady, and experienced, its route no longer fosters spark for travel, like creativity gone dry, inspiration without energy, and a desert without water. A familiar, comfortable, and habitual existence, walking a treadmill of emotions and actions, is the well-travelled road. Yet when the wheels spin and no traction connects with the ground, navigating inspirational, fresh energy awaits renewal. Rewriting the path, repaving the journey, and reframing the picture before you, readies rejuvenation.

Realizing life is not happening to you, but you are happening to it, empowers the gears to turn and engage proactively. Spark, initiated by inspiration, pumps from our hearts, and pours from our soul to ignite our passions to share, connect, and offer our gifts to humanity. Drawing our senses to the surface, either one by one, or as a symphony, enables stillness to preempt passion to catch fire.

Arriving at moment-by-moment meditation is a practice achieved when tuning into the senses, eliminating the mind, and awakening the heart. Focus upon one sense to reach the original entry point into the present moment, gradually welcoming in another sense, one at a time, until time stands still tunneling awakened intuition. This communicates “right” action, inspired thought, and knowledge, for the next step forward. Trusting the stepping-stones is part of that process, like knowing the road continues long past where the car headlights’ projection ends.

Most of us sit in the shadows of our lives, wondering how, why, and how to engage with the dreams of our yesteryears. Rewriting our stories is engaging in stillness long enough to hear the familiar tune you already know innately, the recognizable notes born into your soul that shone in your childhood and lost their way. Life purpose, ingrained in our DNA, awaiting expression, revelation, and implementation loses touch with our knowing. This song, the melody of meaning, sings perfectly within our hearts, eventually feeling like emptiness when lay dormant too long. Reaching into our core, ascending upon talents within, is like coming home, with the guardian of your galaxy wondering why you waited and lingered as long as you did.

Transforming our stories and altering the future, awaits and beckons if we are silent enough to listen. Hear its call, and your music has the forum to play brilliantly. Deny its existence and the heart deadens slowly, regret surfacing at life’s end. The power to reframe our lives is not about changing who are, but becoming our intended selves, following one’s heart, and playing the soul’s tune. Preempted for greatness and wired for connection embody the brilliance to chime together as one. Without the birthed stories of one another coming to fruition, we shortchange life’s greater vision. Answer the call, and breathe life into your story, the destined tale that began when you took your first breath.