Recognizing no cure exists, following a consistent, healthy lifestyle without a silver bullet to magically manifest instant weight loss, feels overwhelmingly unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and undeniably impossible. With a continuous, healthy approach including obstacles, self-sabotage, and deterrents as components along the path, we discover consistency, perseverance, and habit-forming practices that occupy the guide to sustainable weight loss. These roadblocks, rocky terrains, and slow speed are part of a long process of cumulative, gentle weight loss.

To commence upon a passage through life as your new way of being, a lifestyle of small steps inch toward accumulation of repeatable actions. Daily the initial intention to practice a particular path of eating, exercising, and self-care is executed. Focus, mindfulness, and intention guide the unexercised muscle to motivate, strengthen, and elongate. Each day flows into the next, until an ingrained, sharpened practice replaces former behaviors, where ritual and habit require less effort, yet continued dedication.

When obstacles loom, resilience to rebound, stand up, and dust the distraction off, is vital to the process. Learning to bounce back from the interruptions that rile us, the saboteurs that attempt to derail us, and the celebratory events of revelry that disengage our lifestyle practices, are training for triumph. The ability to adjust to obstacles in our path, engage our strength to persevere against the disabling opponents attempting to knock us down, ensure our success. Walking through, around, over and under these hurdles are struggles’ path to resilience.

Consistency over time is necessary for success, the following riddle demonstrates. Would you rather have three million dollars immediately or a penny initially that will double its total amount daily for 31 days. Many claim their three million, not recognizing that the latter choice results in more than ten million dollars. Slow and steady weight loss through consistent actions over time accumulates. While life is continuous, losing and maintaining weight over a year or two is a plan in patience, sustainability, and longevity. Particular practices utilizing cumulative results may not seem significant initially toward long lasting change, but compiled gain headway, seemingly miraculous over time.

“Clean” eating without calorie restriction, boot camp classes that draw improvement in small increments at every workout, and emotional healing of the inner self gradually, conjoin to create copious outcomes. With continuous consistency, patience, and persistence, achievement and goals are attainable and sustainable. The reliability of “steady and consistent wins the race” is a proven strategy to the finish line, where maintenance awaits. Quick fixes may establish immediate gratification, but long-term success is about consistency. Although challenging, accruing, compounding, and simple, repeatable actions lead to weight loss success.