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Seasons Change Me

SailingSeptember fosters assessment of my life’s path as the temperature cools, structure resumes, and leaves fall. I contemplate career and personal life goals, pick the fruits of my labor like a ripe apple plucked off a tree. A pause for readjustment, discovery of new pathways for change, and an action plan where opportunity awaits, orient my daily waters. Destined outcomes access my intuition, forcing me from a previous stepping-stone to the next stride forward. Momentum gathers energy as the chugging of my rudder steers and winds begin to alter course. A rhythm begins with repetitive motion until steady she rides. My sail catches full access of the wind. I embrace the alignment and connection, pushing me into open waters, gliding into opportunity, freedom, and peace. The world opens up to all that I am. It offers my sails a forceful course from which to travel. Seasons change me.


  1. Venus Watson

    Very well said. The beginning of a new season does the same for me. It’s a great pausing and reflection point. It often forces me to take stock in all that has happened and to ask myself where do I want to be and am I going there. I love this post Lisa!

  2. Lisa Edinberg

    I pretty much have this response at the beginning of each season, Venus… though winter’s comes at New Year’s (it happens to be birthday time for me as well), spring occurs when baseball season begins, and then late June with the transition of summer beginning. Really it’s a 13-week cyclical process that occurs for me. Time to pause and reevaluate goals.

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