A peace washes over me. I hear creaking sounds of doors fluttering open and awaken to signs that the universe is guiding, supporting, and orchestrating a high resonance of change on my behalf. An energetic vibration lifts me to exceptional heights. It reminds me to surrender, have faith, and instinctually glide with the flow that surrounds me.

Not long ago doors seemed sealed, negative space occupied my thoughts. I appeared lost; my heart and soul were down for the count. Yet I continued to show up until a day came more beautiful and fulfilling than the last. Maintenance of perpetual positive energy embraced me, releasing pessimism.

Love, gratitude, and compassion embody the staples of this high resonance. Opportunities abound, doors fling open, and anything becomes possible. I walk in the direction of my dreams without hesitation, inscribed by love, kindness, and presence. Trusting that the universe has my back perpetuates this existence.

Open doors are blessings awaiting vision, positivity, and belief.