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Cookie for a Skinned Knee

Whether a cookie, ice cream, or brownie graces the table with each bee sting, bruise, academic or athletic achievement, food rewards are a challenging habit to break. Skinned knees, A’s on report cards, holidays, hurt feelings, achievements, and pain rewarded by food is a common response, fostering the “I can fix, heal, remove, celebrate that feeling” with food. Reeling us into the pantry for sugar-laden medals and sweet rewards, goodies celebrate the victories, and/or ease the pain of falling down, burning a finger on a stove, or hurt feelings. Junk food consumption for regular relief of feeling uncomfortable or emotionally hurt, packs on the pastries and pounds. Reframing food’s purpose by releasing connections between food and emotion is vital for successful weight loss and maintenance.

Food as fuel negates food-rewarded needs, and fosters respect for healthy choices and the body. If food’s sole purpose is energy, emotional responses must reroute or express themselves elsewhere. Gathering alternatives for discomfort, emotional releases, and successes is imperative to reframe food’s function. Not an easy transition, yet it changes the way we view situations; therefore, the responses alter course. Exercising and building the muscle to modify eating behavior takes practice, perseverance, and motivation. As a repeated reminder, food’s function as optimal energy, fueling muscles, and sending nutrition to the brain, is essential. Physically feeling good is the prime goal, while cravings dissipate, energy resumes, and mental clarity returns. Imbalanced sugar levels cloud judgment, energy levels, and fool the appetite by misguided hunger.

Proper nutrition provides a balanced chemical response that enhances quality of life. By rewarding emotion with unhealthy foods, we threaten the body’s optimal functioning. Equilibrium, the natural response, causes the body to attempt elimination of incoming threats of toxicity or unrecognizable ingredients within processed foods, by becoming inflamed, digestively distressed, or eventually diseased. Treating ourselves respectfully with healthy, edible options, and utilizing “food as fuel,” circumnavigates this problem. Anything that band-aids rather than cures is counterintuitive to healing. Treating feelings with food addresses symptoms of discomfort and emotional celebration, yet damages heavily. A cookie for a skinned knee eventually causes additional pain, sometimes irrevocable. Healthy food as fuel can temper this future predicament.

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  1. Mary

    Great insight! I can say I’m guilty of giving a cookie here or there as a reward for a job well done.

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