Like hiking up a mountain to a false peak, an appearance of the summit, the weight loss journey to the top contains fraudulent peaks. Acquiring additional knowledge with each arrival at the apparent top, another summit climb continues. Before victory is declared, the weight loss journey requires further information, experience, and strength for a sustainable climb to the summit that enables us to admire the view and remain for life’s duration at the peak.

Climbing a peak in Colorado summers ago, a thunderstorm arrived as we summited; we sprinted down the mountain as hail and buckets of rain began to fall. The necessity of weight loss, maintenance tools to remain upon the peak when storms arise is beneficial. Without the resolution of deep-seeded, emotional baggage, symptomatic weight gain and a protective layers result. Summit views are short lived as hazardous storms approach without inner healing. Pounds revisit like hale in full force, causing a run for cover, and a sprint down the mountain.

To weather the storms, finding weight loss tools for the weight gain afflicted is essential. Emotional healing guiding heart, mind, and body, enables successful weight maintenance. Utilizing food for emotional purposes rather than fuel must alter for ultimate success. Losing weight only to gain it back and then some, is a club not worth joining. The gravity of physical weight does not dissolve without resolving emotional trauma, unfelt emotions, and unhealed parts, necessary components as the pounds plummet.

Healing psychological wounds, filling the emotional voids, and addressing lack of self-worth, are imperative pieces to weight loss’ puzzle. When sustainability finds its space within the cycle of weight maintenance, inner healing has halted the hefty recoil of weight gain. Present or past emotional baggage deliberates heavily like the world weighing upon us. Reaching the root cause of the weight enables a host of healing to take place. Routing around these resolutions, losing the weight with only physical awareness, remains a battle lost and won repeatedly, each time with greater difficulty.

Without addressing the emotional, internal, and weighted issues causing the underlying pounds, band aiding the symptoms will not cure the “dis-ease.” Healing within when pounds plummet is what constitutes true victory and sustains weight loss permanence. Reaching deep, discovering the void of love, pain of loss, or childhood traumas, is when weight maintenance and healing are possible. Ignore the brokenness and inevitably, pounds reappear. Inner healing releases the beast of burden within a weighted life, preventing the visit to false peaks. The view from the summit is extraordinary, weathering the storms within is necessary to remain there.