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A New Season

I struggle to see as if the light burnt out. I struggle to rise as if weighted down. I struggle to live fully as if hibernation beckons. Daylight dims sooner, temperatures drop colder, and adapting is harder than I recall. I glided along smoothly as the leaves transformed from green to glory. Yet now the fall foliage feels like me, vanishing. The grand gray suddenly illuminates the atmosphere, painting itself across the landscape, and gloom replaces my existence. With that final leaf, I fall and struggle to rise. Autumn silences itself as the colors dim, my energy diminishes, and a new season commences.

As the leaves bloom, brown, and fall, my body balloons with sugar, toxins, and processed foods, bloated, exhausted, and weakened physically and emotionally. Yet within this fall cleanup and changing climate, I resist the cravings that attempt to freeze my efforts. With a tool belt of experience, motivation, and knowledge, I am rising again. With consistent change and awakening from my slumber, I include social support, a phone-a-friend option, and self-accountability. Although I had initially been falling with the changing season, a refresh button is pressed and a renewed spirit returns.

Steady I plan, prep, and prod myself back to normalcy of “clean” food, exercise, and newfound energy. Clarity of mind returns, and momentum builds upon each day’s success. Time is the elixir that sets the pace for longevity with mindfulness at the forefront of action. Although small steps drive me forward, the consistency and perseverance of repeating the process creates the turning point toward cumulative results. My incentive to feel comfortable in my skin, emotionally balanced, invokes instant inspiration to rise from dormancy and rejuvenate my senses.

Strength returns and I welcome the holidays, shortened hours of sun, and air of winter. A new season needs not thwart my health efforts into submission. It serves as an inspired reminder and cleared space, away from the old and preparing for the new. Sometimes transition takes time, beauty needs transformation, and growth requires a change of season. When the inner urge beckons, I recognize the awaiting opportunity to alter and stir my slumber. I awaken to the change of season, embrace the possibilities that beckon and inspire action, and let the winds alter my path to wellness.

Have you embraced the new season, altered your path with new perspective and action steps, and risen from a dreary to driven life? Are you clearing away the leaves of your life that have fallen? Have the piles surrounded or buried you? When is your fall cleanup?


  1. Rachael Fernandez

    Well said, and your word’s evoke many emotions that I can relate to. In the past, as the holidays arrive and the count down to a new year starts, I’ve made a resolution to change something or start something that would better myself. This time I will make it a point to complete one #RandomActofKindness everyday. The small things I can offer to help others will build myself and pay it forward! 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful post.

  2. Lisa Edinberg

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my essay. I agree that kindnesses offered to others are a great way to build ourselves up, and energize the heart to live fuller lives. – Lisa

  3. Jessica Wentworth

    Lisa I love reading & this may be one of the most beautiful pieces of writing that I’ve had the pleasure to read in a long time. It’s so vivid & fluid. The message jumps out at you & blends with your analogy so perfectly. Thank you for this & for being you! Jess W.

  4. Lisa Edinberg

    I am grateful for your comment, Jess! Appreciated more than you could possibly know! Thank You! – Lisa

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