Since its inception, my film series, an educational, cultural program of spiritual film and discussion during monthly Monday evenings has awakened my energy to a connection that is lost on most, but utilized by many. Finding stillness, living in the now, and awakening the core of existence while living alongside a fast, moving world is my objective. Within this presence, a connected web represents a oneness that grows from the origin of the universe, from a divine core, from whence we came, and spreads throughout all creation. Therefore, everything is designed, correlated, and formed from a godly entity and weaving as one.

Seemingly this belief easily forgotten, misunderstood, or unutilized, prevents the wholeness necessary to lead a thoughtful, loving, and meaningful life. On a wellness journey, it holds the key to manifesting the body, mind, and spirit as you deem fit. The theory that everything we think, feel, and do is a reflection of our vibrational energy, enables anything to come to fruition. Reaching a weight loss and fitness goal carries no different opportunity. Goals are realized when we align with optimal vibrational energy to achieve that endpoint. Any diversion is caused by resistance, where a belief, action, or feeling does not correlate with the journey you have set upon. Therefore, clearing the thoughts, centering into stillness, entering into a heart spaced realm of loving, energetic vibration makes anything possible.

Stillness in life is no more than reaching into the senses and feeling the moment to moment sensation of life’s movement, by a sensitive awareness and perception of all within and around us. Like a meditation, it may be experienced at any moment where a pause is present, where no-thing exists, and when the stillness precludes all activity. This can be felt, recognized, or experienced while taking a shower, driving, running, meditation, or when in the zone of any activity that allows the mind to rest and the heart to sing. It is the pause or silence between the sounds, the notes of life between my fingers hitting the keypad, and the stillness that echoes throughout a day; it is the essence between things, but interwoven and connected to all.

Allowing the energetic vibration to align with fitness and health goals is a necessary piece of the weight loss puzzle. As slow deceleration currently defines my weight loss speed, I conclude resistance plays a role, changes my frequency, alters the energetic vibration, and misaligns my goal with current beliefs that impede my progress. Whether fear of reaching maintenance, a lack of certainty of pounds dropping, or my actions or thoughts in some way altering my successful reality, a lower, less effective vibrational frequency exists and causes misalignment. To change limited beliefs, transform into a knowing like no other towards a higher energetic vibration is necessary.

All beliefs must align with achieving one’s goals along the weight loss journey. Believing it is possible, deserved, worthy of the beholder, all contributes to the outcome. Therefore, finding the stillness to meditate upon the knowing of any end result, including a new, lean, vital, strong body is a helpful tool for transformation. No longer needing confusion or uncertainty, relinquishing a slow loser status frees me of the burden to understand how my actions gets me to my goal. Just the knowing, the energetic alignment including the freeing space without fear, enables the increased acceleration to my weight loss and fitness success. The pieces fall inevitably into place, directing the universe to act upon my behalf, and energetically actions are inspired, selected healthy foods are consumed, necessary fitness levels are achieved, and results immediately occur. That is worth knowing along the weight loss journey, ensuring success, and becoming whole in the process. This awakening to stillness, reflection, and manifestation are prerequisites for the journey. Alignment with goals and acting upon intuitive impulse towards them enables a successful path. Be still, be whole, be happy!