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Coasting on Cruise Control

Weight loss journeys require attention, intention, and increased energy to circumvent complacency. During a long journey, there is often a segment when the gas pedal needs no pressure, our vessel cruises with highway monotony, and attention detaches from acceleration. Although you cannot take your hand off the wheel, your actions are habitual, speed is determined, and miles pass without effort.

Danger exists when stagnation occurs. The commencement of repetitive food intake, exercise routines, and motivation moving into a lull typically serve as a holding pattern, producing weight loss plateaus, frustrating failure, and a slowing process. Concluding the initial plan lacks sustainability to explain the slow down, when perhaps, the jammed receptors of the body are simply relaxing into equilibrium.

Status quo is the balance the body requires, attempting efficiency, and perfecting its response to calories, movement, and activity level. All systems are functioning, cycling, and cruising comfortably, with maintenance as the next leg of the journey. Working to prevent the body from preserving its weight requires change and action. Cruise control is not the desired outcome.

“Changing things up” is necessary for optimal success: decreasing and increasing calories, fluctuating food choices and macronutrient totals, and alternating exercise routines and their amounts. This prevents habitual selections, and alleviates the resting state of the pedal that may need pressing to the metal. One must focus energy towards pushing acceleration, rather than relenting into maintenance. Cruising is stagnation, while deepening the force, alternating speeds, and changing direction, is weight loss destination’s dream.

Determination, perseverance, and dedication to shifting routine, awakens the body to increase its muscle, surrender the weight, and propel movement for pounds to drop and kettle bells to soar. Coasting on cruise control is hazardous for a weight loss pursuit. To halt the plateau and shift the comfort level, alter food and exercise amounts and choices. Getting out of the comfort zone and releasing cruise control works the body and revs the engine for sustainable change.

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  1. Barbara Fossett

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on steady weight loss.

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