Within a community of strong, empowered women, there stand common threads of struggle that weave between our lives. No one travels through life unscathed without some childhood scarring, life’s dominoes that topple unaligned from negative human interaction.Where on the timeline each one’s healing exists differs. Incredible struggles people experience daily, surviving, thriving, and altering their circumstances continues to amaze and defy great understanding. Surviving adversity with increasing resilience is a testament to the human heart and its endurance.

As a bystander, observing scores of woes, emotions abound with empathy, gratitude, and inspiration. The survivor’s ability to speak truth, seek solace, and educate us about toughness to withstand darkness, buoyancy to bounce back, and mutual trust to share and exchange personal, painful stories is remarkable. Tremendous, thoughtful, touching responses fill our airways to breathe in connection. The exchange is heavy, but lightens life in ways unfathomable, while words and revelations empty like releasing a capsule of healing between both the giver and receiver.

Grateful for the human condition to enable such grand communication and connection, an intricate web that filters out layer upon layer, I am stupefied by its growth, size, and continuous weaving into the universe. When something as vast in spectrum corners your perspective about human connection, it inspires repeatable experiences to continue what led you there.

The common thread of pain between individuals seeking healing, resolution, and solace where atrophied bodies, obesity, and food related issues resulted, supersedes weight loss and fitness goals. Never about the physical weight, but instead the gravity of emotional weight pressed upon the human soul in need of therapeutic remedy is the common core of fitness and weight loss communities. When that connection filters fully, human empathy abounds, and healing restores the masses.