My husband’s arrival on the scene of ‘clean’ eating’ is an awesome reality, including when a blizzard is upon us. Yet it requires intense prepping and surrendering to the possibility that electricity, cooking potential, and reheating required, are limited assets. We distinctly recall not too long ago winging it during storms. With electricity eliminated, we would sit by the fire’s light, eating prepared, processed, long shelf life food without blinking about its nutritional value, its quality or lack thereof, or how it may affect our waistline, gut, or psychological well-being.

Last night’s preparation told a different story. A dozen boiling eggs, a crock pot simmering, two trays of roasting vegetables, fourteen grilling grass-fed beef burgers, and discussion about the meals of tomorrow ensued. This spectacle of cooking prowess was not culinary cuisine’s grandeur of souffles or creole gumbos. It was simple preparatory fare for a few days of hiding in our home while mother nature shouts loudly outside.

Furthermore, underneath the surface of this preparation lies the true crux of our metaphoric crudite. It represents self care in action, the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle. Without consumable, healthy fuel for the body’s efficient functioning, a successful outcome for well being is improbable. Taking precautions when ‘life interrupted’ occurs can be filed under self respect, self love, and self survival. Time, resources, and energy must be utilized when extraordinary circumstances occur to ensure one’s success.

Our culinary creations captured a snapshot of self care that has become our “new normal.” Whether blizzard, travel, or home, we continue to defy the mainstream with our ability to navigate our needs, and energize the troops to dig deeper when the enemy attempts to thwart our success with adversity. As a team, we are stronger, braver, and resilient.

“It’s easier to be brave with two.” – Winnie the Poo