I rise again taking on water over the plank, heaving it off me to start once again. Rather than sinking into failure, each day begins with an appreciation of another dawn, a thought, intention, and visualization of actions yet to come, and a new start to improve upon yesterday. Lessons from the past seem imperative to live today’s twenty-four hours in improved fashion.

Woke yesterday without a morsel, awaiting my first meal until hungry. Unfortunately that set the wheels of metabolism to slow its pace, awaiting a need to put all gears in motion. After five hours of awakened existence, I approached my first food cautiously aware of the error. Eat too quickly and food as fuel alters into the opening of Pandora’s Box; it creates a bingeing effect. Unfortunately, the late start pushed calories down the line until time ran out, causing a backlog of food uneaten. Mistake to be rectified tomorrow, I said, where tomorrow is now today.

Although everyday represents a new beginning, today I learn from yesterday, ensuring tomorrow receives the gems of all that came before. Eat early, eat often, and create enough time before it is too late. Bring it!