Normally I have a set plan in place before entering an eating establishment. Yet as I reviewed my food journal for a reminder and guidance, I realized a missing, unposted meal. Earlier I had done the same perusal, concluding I must eat another meal, leaving enough time before dinner. Accordingly I consumed that meal, not especially hungry for it, but following a plan I have consistently followed for the past months.

Yet as I stared conscientiously at the screen before me, something amazing occurred. I did not panic and I calmly reflected about the error. It could happen to anyone; mistakes happen. Should I sit there in a restaurant, starve, and feel badly at the final meal before the winter challenge begins? Instead, I ate, and relieved myself of the past burden of guilt I have felt countless times. I forgave myself immediately, showed self-compassion, and removed any fretting. I was resilient in the face of disappointment. And I moved on.

Personal growth happens without warning sometimes. Then in the moment of clarity, new understanding is accessed, and we feel the release of our past. It was a moment of reckoning, release, and peace, perhaps one only viewed when truly ready.

Ready for change? Bring it on. Today the 12 weeks begins with teams, a new inner circle, and a partner to boot. Excited and pumped up for anything, but mainly a success to bring me to a new base line on April 4. I am ready.