Twenty-four hours sometimes feels like it can make or break change. Today marks a new day to rise and shine again. Surviving one full day back on a healthy food and exercise plan pivots the mindset inside and out as vulnerability plays its tune and the body craves sugar, urging rest upon a couch and the tendency to eat bonbons.

Journaling food into My Fitness Pal, attending a boot camp exercise class, and visualizing desired outcomes trump cravings and weakness. Steaz® beverages replace cookies, vegetables and grass-fed beef replace pizza. Cookies entice and seduce, as does pizza when served to offspring. Carbohydrates perpetuate a need for increased sugar when energy levels diminish. Instead, healthy, “clean” food choices contribute to energy remaining stable eliminating roller coaster, blood sugar levels.

Although day two is critical upon this journey, every day is crucial. Giving each moment intention and energy is vital to doing the small things that make us successful. Being present in each moment enables focus on what occurs, consciously, mindfully, and bravely. Visualize the goal as successful, imagine the feeling of reaching the end, and then be in the moment to determine actions and outcomes. A new day dawns inside and out. Rise and shine to meet it.