Although walking alone along a highwire, support from others helps balance, stability, and hope for reaching the destination. Striving towards commitment in twelve-week increments, the next three-month journey commences with heightened awareness and energy toward new fitness and weight loss goals plus additional knowledge ready for utilization. These weeks occupy greater significance with the addition of my spouse, a welcoming change to the challenge.

My lifelong partner in marriage, friendship, and well-being, aiming to balance his life with healing and health, is signing onto this lifestyle of “clean” eating and boot camp fitness classes. The winds of change are upon us, energy sharply attuned toward a healthy lifestyle grows near. This new aspiration for change is attractive. Excitement and rebirthing our youthful energy from when our vows echoed the wedding hall, causes high expectations to arouse.

His and my depleted energy, as years passed, transformed, aged, and degraded our bodies. Childbirth, responsibilities, and emotional baggage imbalanced work, eroded physical and mental health, and separated our united support of one another. Wanting the best for both of us was never enough. Until individually each of us rises with self-care, self-love, and dedicated time to personal growth and health, efforts were futile. Resigning to the possibility that our paths deviated from our center, alone I traveled along the fitness and healthy food path.

Raising hope when he signed on to join my crusade, winded up expectations. Wanting desperately to observe his success reach fruition is like hearing a joyous song of hope and exaltation rather than the requiem that played in my head at each attempt and failure of the past. Yet we are ripe for change; this program seems sustainable and transformative. Many role models along this path are achieving successful results; we shall follow.

Freshly sharing discussions and perspectives, a newly energized life appears. The scent adds new flavor and vigor, enriching our lives dramatically. Like hitting a refresh button, starting something novel when the previous leaves of our core have died, withered and dropped from their branches, our united space adds a sense of excitement, a former dream not manifested until now.

Collaborating with my spouse at the new starting line adds support and a union for preparation and strategy, enhancing the lifestyle experience immensely. My brave man joins the race, the human movement towards bettering his circumstances, improving his inner and outer health. Together we are stronger; it is easier to be brave with TWO. Partnering up solidifies are chances for success.