Although it feels like walking a fine line, four days behind me is a tremendous relief. Sugar and high levels of carbohydrates have been removed from my system; my next twelve weeks is about to begin. To clarify, the next body challenge is really thirteen weeks, since the preregistration is a week early. In two days, the previous cycle of commitment, accountability, and drive to reach new goals shall begin. It commences with a partner, a new element I have not experienced, but welcome to the challenge. He, an addition by my side, seems excited to begin his journey of healing, health, and high powered wind shifts that bring about balance in his life. The winds of change are upon us; the energy is sharply turned towards a healthy lifestyle, affecting every aspect of our lives.

The drive in him for change is attractive; it excites and rebirths my desire for high expectations for him, us, and the future. His lack of umph to help himself leaves me helpless in recent years. To love someone and root for them without results is a frustrating existence. Until someone helps themselves, the push towards change, cheering, and a Fitness Asylum Body Challenge, is fruitless. I had relented to the possibility that his path and mine have diverged, and alone I may travel forever along the fitness path. Hope eluded me until he signed on to join my crusade, though leaves me slightly anxious to wind up expectations again. Wanting desperately to see his success reach fruition and maintained is like hearing a joyous song of hope and exaltation rather than the requiem that seemed to play in my head the last few years. To lose hope is a tragic outcome; movement in the opposite direction arrives with promise of new beginnings. We are ripe for change.

Additionally we now share fresh discussions, new paths and perspectives, we could not share prior. The scent that engages my senses is fresh and original, adds new flavor and vigor to the daily grind of life. Like hitting a refresh button, starting something novel when the previous leaves have died, withered and dropped from their branches. A newness fills our space, adding a sense of excitement that lived in a mere dream I could not manifest into reality.

I sense I have partnered up for the starting line, added support, engaged in competitive strategy that I propagated by role modeling the possibility of what can be done if attempted. The brave man has joined this race, the human movement towards bettering his circumstances. Together we are stronger; it is easier to be brave with TWO.