It was just about this time last year when I was rocking my highest weight, feeling miserable while spring had sprung, and my writing sat paralyzed like a distant memory unable to be retrieved, incapable of presence nor driven to extend a word to paper. I resigned myself to awareness that any inner message would be a sign for change and any encounter relinquish the old into the new. My eyes wide open, I acquired increased sensory to see what I had not seen, hear what I had not heard, and touch an essence not felt where connection had been lost. Reaching for direction, solutions, and guidance, I wanted solace, healing, and energy to pull myself from the swamp I found myself drowning in.

Later that day, a woman I miraculously met introduced me to her success and the community that brought her there. Although my entrance into her arena occurred two months later, I waited patiently with faith and hope that her avenue was my avenue. A year later, I look back smiling at ‘bumping into her.’ My destiny sealed for transformation and healing, I have answered the call for change that rang that fateful day. Now I look for signals again, having reached a new pinnacle. Although no longer depressed, I sense a stagnation occurring, not simply with weight, but with direction in several areas of my life that feel closed from opportunity. Searching for an opening, I seek answers and signs again.

Today dawns new beginnings my senses tell me. Can you find your own signs of guidance around you? Have you listened for the whispers of wisdom that seem to float in the wind? When is your awakening for change? Is it now, if you listen to the sounds of silence, the signs of rain that fall before you? What are the signs that pass through and around you each day attempting to stir within your soul? Which questions will you ask and answers will you find? Only a heartbeat away, it is ours for the taking, ours for the listening, ours for the guidance we seek encouraging our paths to journey to purpose and well being.