Unlike a nodding bobble-head asserting confidence, assured of its route, weight loss journeys have avenues that require change. When slow-down, plateaus, and stagnation occur, modification is required. Reaching a level of comfort when the focus wanes slightly, the expertise and cruise control take the reins, and gliding  effortlessly equates with a “you’ve got this”-no-problem feeling, weight loss can take a hiatus, necessitating action.

As miles stretch behind, experience, success, and routine establish a foundation. Yet familiarity may lead to a standstill, plateau, and delay upon the scale. Admiring the comfort seems harmless, but addressing the treadmill’s lack of progress is crucial. Breaking the cycle of a body’s maintenance or plateau requires change. Give it an energy boost by alternating workouts, cycle calories and carbohydrates, and change same-old-same-old, to jar the body to release its stronghold of unwanted extra weight.

This means altering food choices, exercise routines, and adding variety to the plan. Identifying food sensitivities, reducing stress, and adding sleep may increase metabolism’s wariness. Scrambling the usual, erasing monotony, and creating chaos awakens dormancy and boosts movement on the scale and within the body. Choosing what to tweak is purely experimentation and examination of the uniform, boring, and repetitive foods, actions, and approaches. With a bird’s-eye view, analysis eases with answers.

Testing out a variety of changes one at a time fosters success. With new knowledge and minute tweaking, cultivating changes often produces reduced weight. Changing it up is good course of action. Rather than spinning wheels, take an alternate route to awaken and empower the body for everlasting transformation. Stagnation leads to an unhappiness only resolved by change. With tweaking, a slight edge propels the weight loss forward.