Sometimes the journey of weight loss is simply “steady on.” Although I added an intense, specialty class called Grind to my exercise mix to up the ante, continuity remains. Keeping the “clean” food intake high, my movement and food prep. in motion, and my tracking food in MFP (My Fitness Pal), these cumulatively activities beckon the scale to balance into submission. Clearing the closet, purchasing jeans, and celebrating with a new haircut, roundup rewards that help the mind catch up with bodily changes, highlighting my success. When shopping your ears hear, “are you a size 6 or 8,” while your mind says “neither,” a mind/body disconnect exists; seeing becomes believing change occurred while you were sleeping, exercising, and eating “clean.” The remedy of stagnation, boredom, and motivation restlessness requires regularity of processes, reminders of reasons, celebrating non-scale successes, and a caring, continuous flow of community support.

“Steady On” only functions effectively with continued focus, eyes on the ultimate prize, and the “Why” the journey began initially. Keeping the goals, attention, and process alive with diligent consistency, the finish line remains in sight. Detours exist, but fewer rather than greater; scales fluctuate, to achieve correction but eventually dip lower; and life events happen, temporarily affecting efforts replaced by resiliency and a return to the prior path. Staying the course and continuing along steadily, movement occurs over time. A monotony of longevity may cause you to question your path, stop to take stock, and abandon the course, but with choice and backing the basic elements of change, you return to be, Steady On.