Utmost incentive for outer transformations is inner change. Altering the body summons internal renovations within the mind, heart, and way of being. Life purpose translates into these new avenues. Directionals waver in the wind of change, implementing a different destiny unfolding. Establishing a “right” path, the one intended since birth, seems suddenly conscious to breathe itself, hidden initially beneath the weight, insecurities, and uncertainties. Who we are reveals itself with immediate intention, concrete dimension, and required actions. Hence, becoming who we were meant to be may be the greatest incentive for change.

Many grapple with discovering life’s path and purpose, unclear of the road destined. Swishing and swashing hesitantly, fearfully, and unknowingly through the muck of wrong actions lead to dead ends. Exploration and delving through archives and stories we tell ourselves, travelling along detours deterred from central purpose, and aiming but not reaching our sole contribution in life, puzzle, confuse, and foil the masses, spinning wheels and awaiting clarity. Obstacles, excuses, and reasons not to follow innate passion swirl repeatedly like a dog chasing its tail, preventing new direction that leads to life’s intended path.

Uncovering the layers physically like peeling an onion reveal the core, its agenda and authentic self. With life purpose exposed, revealing destiny, nakedly aware of the journey ahead, certainty, love, and gratitude replace indecision, fear, and forsaking internal gifts intended to enhance the world. As I forgive, unleash, and relinquish my demons and exterior cushion, embrace my God-given gifts, I soar with a freedom unfelt, unrealized, and unreachable until now. Filled by purpose, love, and direction, I am whole. Finding myself within the void, the emptiness, and in the missing piece I protected, needs no guard, mask, or fillers as food, fat, or fluff. The “me” I am meant to be, flies like an eagle, soars free, finds its calling, and reaches for a limitless sky.

Motivation for transformation is discovering the ME within, inner truth heard, authenticity exposed, and old wounds healed. Filling the void, eliminating external protection is a healing process for finding life purpose. Without uncovering the core, the insides find incentive to remain hidden, unrevealed, and continue to search for meaning, unknowingly filling a void with alternatives. Healing the brokenness, sealing the shards that cut deeply, and relieving the wounds are the foreground for freedom from the past, enabling the future to unfold with limitless possibility. Finding meaning in our lives is a healing step away, illuminating the ME within and waiting to be weaned from captivity. Incentive to transform, accessing the authentic self, allows destiny to take flight.