Reevaluating goals in twelve-week increments is helpful along the weight loss journey, allowing a new starting gate to open. To maintain mental endurance, reassess objectives, examine reasons for losing weight, and evaluate the cause of past increased pounds. A successful path for sustainable weight loss requires emotional healing appraisals and several restarts for continued motivation. Without inner healing, outer healing is often futile.

As failure is not an option and a reversal of fortune or plateau is neither planned nor desired, the surge toward a weight loss goal must contain a continued vision and aspiration towards the intended outcome. Turning back and settling into a current weight misses the mark, and defeats the player in the weight loss game. Setting new goals, aligning actions with daily tasks, and primarily exploring inner turmoil or emotions that require healing are imperative during the journey.

Physical weight as a symptom of past emotional baggage requires connecting to our authentic self and obtaining emotional balance. For many throughout a lifetime, withheld love and fragmented self-worth formed a void in search of love and validation. To reclaim the self, heal the wounds of the past, and find and feel self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-love are pinnacles for successful, sustainable weight loss. Without these objectives, the weight weighs upon us and fills the void where love, self-acceptance, and self-worth ought to exist. Freedom from the metaphoric and physical pounds requires emotional healing.

This warrants time, exploration, and diligent labor in order to reflect and release the shards that lie within, and mend the emotional brokenness. Introspection toward self-worth and wholeness is worth the effort, challenge, and commitment, enabling sustainable weight loss. Stepping off the plank of fear and venturing confidently in the direction of wholeness continues this journey. The potential and opportunity for everlasting change through a healthy lifestyle awaits, yet the need for emotional healing, weighing the “what and why” is required. Knowing what and why additional pounds appear supports their release.