When it wanes, it pours. The weight loss journey necessitates daily attention, focus, and energy. To remain vigilant consistently and responsibly on the correct path when a healthy lifestyle is teetering, stumbling and toppling, requires awareness. Repeatedly needing do-over days from when off-track eating ensues, involves additional energy. Keeping the ultimate goal at the forefront of our minds and actions is best practice since slipping easily transforms into daily mishaps leading to failure.

Prioritizing the self often, choosing respectfully on behalf of our body, mind, and spirit, must become a habitual way of being. When it is no longer a struggle and energy wanes from concentration, attention, energy, and all actions are second nature, the routine response results in superior choices without puddles of regret. This is the automatic pilot of self-care, decisions sacredly made prioritizing health, goals, and well-being.

Upon a journey where energy wanes at various intervals, it pours a heavenly result when we continue to make responsible, consistent, and wise choices. Ensuring energy has no space to ebb, letting it flow until it rains self-love, self-care, and self-respect is required. Efficient sleep, focus, and mindfulness additionally support the journey to a successful stream of energy. Being prepared for when it wanes is a smart pouring of expectation.