When weight plummets, the physique transforms and muscles illuminate as fat dissipates. A svelte, sculpted, and strong body arises to the surface, welcoming “sexy” back to the forefront. Acknowledging one’s physical body via increased strength, contours from a caress, and libido peeking from the insides, expressions of touch are undeniable. Suddenly natural desire surfaces and seduces the mind and body to amorously leap into action, need and want satisfaction, and peak with primal performance. As “sexy” flips a switch to the “on” position and burning desire sparks, needing to be lit, we transform to sexier days when physical and emotional connection are in high demand. When “Sexy” returns, the libido shines, sustained by “comfort in one’s skin,” parading the physique for attention, satisfaction, and exhilaration.

Sexual relations have an aptitude to flow continuously. Yet when inner and outer confidence deteriorate, energy diminishes, and sexual priority plummets, libidos may lie dormant. Sexual desire may retract, deteriorate, and disappear by child-rearing and work-related priorities or discomfort in one’s skin from weight gain, exhaustion, and/or hormonal imbalances. Rebounding with weight loss, an energy surplus, and hormonal balance through “clean” food, libido is back and “sexy” returns. As offspring grow, attention reverts back to one’s partner, priorities deepen by increased desire, and sexual rumblings resume. With a shift of what takes precedence, sexual gratification has a thirst that may be quenched.

We, as humans, are hardwired for connection. “To touch can be to give life,” Michelangelo said. The science of touch convincingly proves our basic need to physically connect. Physical starvation deprives us of life’s deepest comforts and joys. Touch is the primary expression of compassion and spreading it. Studies show its foundation of human communication, bonding, and health, signaling safety and trust. Warm touch calms cardiovascular stress, activates the compassion response through the body’s vagus nerve, and simple touch produces oxytocin, “the love hormone.” Research has discovered that touch establishes clear communication between the genders about love, gratitude and compassion, where facial and verbal communication were unable.¹ Since we live in a documented touch-deprived society, reacquainting physically fosters greater well being.

My experience and exposure to “clean” eating, exercise, and reshaping my body encompasses the libido coming back and “sexy” officially returning. With added touch, life’s innate joys are enhanced, embodied, and comforted. Dormant nurturing and physical needs can replenish, restore, and recycle as health transforms externally via priorities and internally as the body readies itself for greater pleasure. An enhanced life needs enriching benefits that replenish the soul physically, mentally, and spiritually. Robust, sexual relations are but one upgrade for a well lived life. When libido is back, “sexy” returns, and all hands are on deck.



¹Keltner, Dasher. September 29, 2010. Hands on Research: The Science of Touch. The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley