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When Size Matters

My body was considerably larger a half year ago, with the greatest change occurring the last few months, decreasing in pace steadily to that of a tortoise. Experts mention weight loss progress declining gradually as we shrink in size. Many defy the odds and succeed in far greater degrees over time, weight loss increasing at a faster rate, as if bodily systems are functioning optimally like an engine primed and operating efficiently.

Although wishful, hopeful, increasingly prayerful, to be like these quick pound-losing individuals, the goal is not about the weight, but instead decreasing size, increasing strength, and appealing emotional balance and image regarded within. When I glance in the mirror and feel comfortable in my skin, the victorious result is feeling self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-love, arrived through self-care and self-respect.

Feeling emotionally at peace with our body and size enables self-confidence to illuminate. To maintain our body’s size influences comfort within our skin. The number on a scale cannot equate to the feeling of strength, well-being, and the beauty that resides within each of us, but size does matter. Whatever size one finds inner comfort differs per individual, yet matters when it reflects inner beauty. Size matters when it brings out the best in us!

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  1. Venus

    This is a great reminder – the scale is but one of many tools that tell us our progress to well-being. I have been struggling the past couple of weeks and letting the scale budge it’s way to the top of the list as measures for health. Re-centering to take note of what else it’s ‘all about.’ Thanks.

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