Six months ago, my former body existed at a considerably larger size. Yet the greatest change occurred between a three month spurt. Since then, the movement towards smaller has been limited. Although there are inclinations from the experts that as you reach milestones the pace declines steadily, many who dig deep defy the odds and succeed in far greater degrees than the mainstream. Those individuals’ speed to the finish line increases, separates them from the pack, and incredibly defines them as victors in the race for weight loss and fitness.

My aim, although wishful, hopeful, increasingly prayerful, is to be like these individuals (aka, freaks of nature). The goal is consistently not about the number of pounds, but instead my decreasing size, increased strength, and appealing image I perceive myself to be, when I glance in the mirror, clothe my body, and dance through life like no one’s watching. That result is the ultimate self-care gift to myself for knowing my worth and self-acceptance in the world, and to maintain this outcome for the rest of my life.

Times in my life when I felt more ‘me’ than I have ever been, when bombarding the world with self-confidence, was when I was a size six/eight. Though those memories recollect short-lived experiences, they resonate something I want for myself. The number on a scale cannot equate to the feeling of being a size that exudes beauty within. Whatever that size is for each person differs greatly. What matters is being the person that reflects your inner beauty. Size matters when it brings out the best in you!