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Dominoes of Awareness

Ever notice the woman whose hair part is zig-zagging, pantyline is showing, and clothes are wrinkled? Not well kept, yet raised to know how, I was that woman. — the one who appeared to have “bed head” and didn’t seem to care, threw on the ruffled and wrinkled wear, ignoring the fashion police. Yet as the weight starts to drop, viewing my body on closer examination naturally seems to occur. What is this beauty mark, that old scar, and this bump and lump? Aware of what once seemed invisible suddenly has come into view. Although always there, noticing as if suddenly illuminated and spotlighted, I tune into caring about my body respectfully.

Visiting the dermatologist to examine every freckle, growth, and mark, I wade through troubled waters expecting skin cancer diagnoses. Saved only by arriving early enough in life, I feel lucky as each review from a lab comes back negative. Removal of skin markings, cysts, and zappings with cryogenic force and surgeries, my healing continues, like dominoes falling into place, toppling from one to the next, applying care to each nook and cranny. My head feels like a weight descends upon it as a surgical removal of an enormous pilar cyst gouged out a section of my scalp. Yet the weight, pain, and gravity will lessen with healing, prepared by a dimension of loss I know well.

A variety of victories exist within weight loss. Releasing the figurative bumps and lumps is a domino effect of noticing. Without the awareness those growths transfixed to my body remained invisible in years prior. Not that I did not know better about practicing self-care, but my priority in noticing was elsewhere, blinded by other avenues unable to see my reality. Weight loss continues to establish greater awareness, sensitizing the physical climate of my body. Every line and crevice viewed with respect and appreciation add depth to the winning dimension of losing weight. Dressing it with self-care follows. The domino effect of losing weight contains big wins for well being. Let the dominoes fall where they may!

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