Life is a journey. Since age eleven weight loss management occupied my path due to lack of self worth, using food to numb emotions, and cultural food consumption when celebrating holidays and honors, as well as band-aiding physical pain. Life passages with weight loss via a variety of stages as aging, lifestyle changes, tainted food supply, and a lack of knowledge, infers my journey aware of my pounds and how the scale falls existed long before other’s. Paving the weight loss path with tools, reflections, and solutions supports travelers upon the same journey, an avenue I wish I had visited and discovered sooner.

Losing weight is considerably more than eliminating food, adding exercise, and consuming healthy food. The emotional component taxes the heart and brain, hoping to excavate the hurt awakened by change. Without an outlet of support the “why” of the weight buries itself within, ignoring the core problem. Although millions lose weight repeatedly, without emotional resolution, the physical component slides back to its original self and often adds extra cushion for good measure. The body’s response to processed foods, sugar, and the tainted food supply contribute to the appearance of lacking self control.

Combine the unhealed, emotional brokenness, and the physical, inward response of a body’s chemistry, the chance of weight loss management success reduces. Exposing the pieces to healing the mind, body, and spirit along the avenue of weight loss change are imperative components. Ignoring one piece prevents the puzzle from completion. If hiding pieces of oneself, unwilling to address a physical issue as a food sensitivity or possible tangible saboteurs, or neglecting emotional baggage weight, the solution of the puzzle is left with holes, destroying the masterpiece eventually. Filling in these healing pieces solidifies successful completion.

A foolhardy method to ignore any pieces, as it destroys one’s success over time. Shards of brokenness physically and mentally cut deeper with each attempt at solutions. Weighed down by trying repeatedly prevents future efforts, resigning that solutions either do not exist, are too difficult or made for others. Repealing into weakness slows the journey until surrendering to rest midway along the weight loss path becomes permanent. Weight typically returns, followed by additional complications as disease or ailments that affect optimal living. Emotional pieces lay dormant, possibly preventing exposure or reexamination forever.

My assessments within this book explain a path that jars stagnation, paving the “weigh” to successful weight loss permanence. Not without effort, struggle, or perseverance, it exhorts the opposite. Embracing the hard, illuminating the deep recesses of our pasts, and digging beneath the surface for healing and solutions, successful weight management are reachable long after the pounds release. Physically respecting the body with healthy food options clears the “weigh” for completion of emotional healing. Take that first step along the path and allow me to Pave the Weigh for you. Read on, hardy traveller, success awaits you!