As I rise from slumber, “Eat early, eat often,” drowns a negative feeling that initially consumes me. The sun shines as a reminder of a new day dawning. Rather than sinking into failure, a novel thought, intention, and visualization interrupts to improve yesterday’s actions. Past lessons cumulate to live an enhanced future, like gathering wisdom that collectively changes the future.

One such insight is “eat early, eat often. Yesterday without a morsel, the busy world like riding on a treadmill occupied my time in rat-race fashion. This set the wheels in motion for metabolism to slow, the body awaiting its daily fuel. After five hours without nutrition, I consume food; it is one o’clock in the afternoon. Quickly engulfing food as fuel and starvation mode existing, Pandora’s Box opens. A binge results, excess calories consumed, and cravings corner my appetite to consume sugary carbohydrates. Backlogging food, bloating, and slow digestion raises havoc in the body, and weight loss efforts drown under the weight of a cookie.

Yet every day we potentially learn from yesterday, ensuring today and tomorrow receive the gems that came before. Without entertaining the knowledge that accumulates, we suffer repeatable failures rather than fresh starts. Let a new day dawn with immediate vision of successful change from our yesterdays. Eat early, eat often, and eliminate Pandora’s Box from opening and sabotaging efforts. Mistakes are the failures that occupy today’s wisdom; using them is a strategic advantage and foundation for weight loss success.