Eating more to drop pounds seems counterintuitive. Food’s utility solely as fuel, like stoking a furnace, with high total calories encompassing “clean,” unprocessed fare without simple sugars or grains is the most successful lifestyle I have experienced. Fueling the body efficiently for energy output to burn fat rather than muscle is a novel concept from past protocol, yet highly effective when put into practice.

Raising my calorie-intake from 1,200 calories to 1,500 calories marks my initial dosage for proof of concept. As the pounds dropped, I delved further adding another hundred. Imagine a furnace, adding coal to burn hotter with more intensity, fueling the flames, infusing energy, and burning brighter. This same mechanism emulates the body’s fueling system. Adding useable, healthy fuel at the right times in right amounts ignites the body to burn fat on a continued basis, without the ebb of starvation or diminished energy.

Mistrusting this process initially rose out of fear of embracing the opposite of most dieting philosophies. Rather than the common calories-in-calories-out theory, efficient input of fuel burning through digestion and an output of energy within a clean, efficient metabolic system released pounds. Time, experience, and patience changed my protocol, mind, and weight loss success. Although a slower process, the body’s ability to fuel itself and run efficiently in a healthy way as intended with real, unprocessed food is the holy grail of weight loss.

The magic pill for pounds dropping is to eat real, quality food that enables the body to digest food successfully. Healthy, “clean” food contributes to efficient energy output with fuel it requires. Losing weight without proper nutrition, we sacrifice muscle mass without burning excess fat. Stoking the body’s furnace is about higher quality calories burning fuel effectively. When your body heals its scarring inefficiency from years of poor eating habits, it runs smoothly, burning fuel, reducing weight, and energizing the entire body, mind, and spirit.