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Monotony of Failure

The monotony of failure to lose weight challenges exhaustive attempts to repeat. Daily reissuing the “start” and seizing the opportunity to change frequently capsize by cravings by day’s end, leading success astray. Failure to maintain healthy choices washes over me in a sea of relentless self-deprecating defeat. Wallowing and aware of weakened will power as sugar tips the scale in its favor elongates the stream of failures.

Why believe that today is the triumphant transition, arriving at the pinnacle and turning point, eliminating sugar forever? Is this a reasonable expectation when sugar, a highly utilized ingredient in the food supply has addictive properties? If an addiction affects our lifestyle negatively, is it not in our best interest to eliminate the ingredient that causes duress and limits our success?

Food addiction exhibits itself publicly, the body acting as a host of gluttony, lacking self-control and will power. Acting as a numbing agent, food alleviates physical pain, loneliness, and emotional stress, while sugar addiction counters attempts towards positive change. The alternative function of food as a source of fuel for energy and well-being is the vital message to alter efforts.

A constant battle of diet wars needs peaceful resolution, ending constant failures. Ready to change, the relentless pursuit of sugar daily destroys all attempts into the monotony of failure. Hopes and dreams rise and fall, deteriorating the full court press into fouling out, benched for sugar intake violation, the addiction defending itself within the body. Although a common crusade, many foul out repeatedly attempting to win the weight loss game.

Yet although the game feels unwinnable with the monotony of failures, successful individuals do climb over the hump of addiction, utilize food as fuel, emotionally heal, and achieve sustainable, successful weight loss. Failure becomes a faded memory and monotony of success assumes a front-row position where failure once lived. Faithfully following a lifestyle focusing on self-accountable, supportable, and sustainable actions, failure is no longer an option.

A journey to the monotony of success requires determination, embracing the imperfect moments as learning opportunities, and healing the emotional baggage no longer needed as a numbing agent. There is power in this process, like a pause at the end of a breath, illuminating heightened awareness for change. When we journey with attention, energy, and healing, brokenness initially leads us astray, yet then empowers us to overcome addiction, respecting each decision mindfully; success becomes the residual effect.

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