Advice to offer the health-bound traveler, take one small step at a time. Repeat. Move moment by moment until a day, two days, and three have passed. Repeat until a week, two weeks, and three have passed. Repeat. Make conscious, thoughtful decisions during each present moment. Do not review poor decisions or successes that no longer contribute to current actions. None of it matters; the only significant moment is now.

Sugar addiction does not recognize the past, nor care about the future. It knows only “now,” and creates the constant craving that meets a need. As a bottomless pit of doom, climbing out from sugar addiction is the only option. Playing with fire by toying with carbohydrates and testing the body’s limits ultimately causes decline. Sugar rattles the senses, the sensitivity too great to moderate.

Triggered emotionally, numbing through sugar is substance abuse. Utilizing sugar for alternate purposes is an unhealthy game of Russian roulette. With the inability to handle even small amounts, a binge occurs while expecting relief, finding ourselves pushed further into the “rye” awaiting a “catcher.” Yet nothing rescues the befallen except elimination of the substance.

With blood sugar imbalances, expecting will power to ensure recovery is unproductive. Physical abstinence must play a considerable part in “getting clean.” With plated protein, vegetables, and healthy fats, stabilize these spikes into equilibrium. Balancing repeatedly day-to-day is the solution. Negotiating anything else has proven futile. Until reaching total sugar sobriety, live moment by moment, choose wisely, and recognize physical vulnerability. Achieving stable sugar levels is the repeatable action step. Repeat, repeat, repeat!