Feeling like a truck rolled over the body is a rough reminder of an intense exercise class experienced yesterday. Roundhouse kicks, upper and lower hooks, empowering hammers, cardio versions of squats, planks, sit ups, and surfing burpees, all intensified the speed, balance, and core conditioning. Instead of laying low, a stronger heart, leaner arms, tighter core, and solidifying legs energizes an entire being.

Increasing strength from intense boot camps and Strike Fit classes rejuvenates, invigorates, and engages every element. Feeling younger, stronger,”meaner,” and leaner, the body’s best emerges, with layers of metaphoric alabaster gradually forming a masterful exterior. Achieving inner success to match an outer sculpted masterpiece is cognitive, emotional, and spiritual work.

Strengthening the mind by incorporating cognitive stimulation through daily reading, emotional social sustenance, and brief meditation support the brawn external frame and cleansed interior. Eating clean, resting, meditatively living with mindfulness are integral tasks toward a semi- version of nirvana. Fueling thoughts with necessary action to maintain healthy habits is a constant feed of intention, focus, and energy.

The mindset maintains the visual outcome, a desire for a destiny that lives long past its initial goal of size, strength, and scale outcomes. Peace of mind, self-acceptance of the body, and self-love unfelt in a heart that is always worthy, are the ultimate pinnacles for success. Physical brawn internally and externally, cognitive stamina, and emotional fortitude, strengthen the heart and soul.