Why commit to a fit lifestyle and clean food regime that contributes to weight loss and well-being? Why delve to heal the inner, emotional pieces that continue to thwart weight maintenance, threaten self worth, and prevent sustainable fitness. Achieving peace about body image, a mind at ease regarding food, and a spirit that encapsulates emotional stability, gives ultimate meaning to the journey.

“Comfort in my skin” is the paramount metaphor for feeling emotionally balanced and whole. For a significant population, since childhood a void exists, a crack in self-worth from a series of unfortunate events contributing to a self-acceptance deficit. Achieving emotional wholeness enables a comfort, a knowing, and a resilience that fosters joy, self-love, and gratitude with an ability to help others via self-care.

Within another metaphoric realm, the ability to shop the closet and drawers with ease and optimism, and “cleanse the past” of unfitting, unbecoming, and uncomfortable garments, puts the mind at ease. Donning a bathing suit, lounging in a swimming pool, and sauntering through the hallway confident of this body represents inner peace, self-love, and self-acceptance. Living with additional physical energy, strength, and endurance defies the “norm” highlighting that anything is possible.

Although validating reasons motivate and inspire fitness class attendance and “clean” eating, this journey is mainly about healing the broken remnants of the past. Sugar addiction lingering since childhood feeds my unfelt emotions, fills a void where unconditional love felt limited, and sweetens the depths of unworthiness within the heart. To master sobriety is a significant “Why” that offers extraordinary meaning to the path. Healing the brokenness is not about losing weight, nor completing a 120-lb. dead lift. Rather, it is the path to achieving the impossible, feeling self-worth and emotional balance, and filling the void with self-love.

That is a main “why” of weight loss with other “whys” dangling as the icing on the kettle bell, waiting to clang loudly when achieving the impossible, making the vision reach fruition, and arrive at a place of true healing. This supports staying focused, energized for change, and dedicated to the proposition that one day we shall feel “whole,” and devoid of a missing element. Until that day, remain steadfast upon the weight loss journey.