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What I Will Do

Although I maintain stable sugar levels diligently, eventually simple sugars streams their way into my bloodstream, tormenting my body again to wreak havoc. Recklessly devouring any ounce of decency and will power, cravings begin, and my responsible, vigilant plan disappears in a sweet, line of attack.

Unprepared and blindly stupefied, my plan goes awry and a formerly, strategic executed day fails. Without a proper breakfast, prepared “clean” foods, the weakness unfolds again with fatal results. Sinking into the plate, I expect to reach a comfortable base the following day. Instead, I miss again with Strike 2.

What I would not do to return to bat, tapping the ball in for a “clean” single full of energy, hope, and assurance of a smooth run and paved path leading to the next. Following diligently without detours and obstacles, I imagine what I would not do. My need to will it all into place, I summon the “I will not’s”:

  1. I will not allow processed foods to cross my lips.
  2. I will not walk into stores that contain isles of sweet temptations.
  3. I will not deceive myself that my kids’ snacks are mine.
  4. I will not believe a few days do not matter. Small increments add up.
  5. I will not pretend I am healed, cured, and free from sugar addiction.
  6. I will not practice self-sabotage.
  7. I will not lie to myself about what needs to be done.

There is no try; there is only do. – Yoda

Today what I will not do will dictate what I do. Up to the plate again, striking out is not an option. A base hit is what I will do. Done is what I would not do.


  1. Chris Farmer

    I love your 7 step mantra! It is so true! … I keep those in my head in a paraphrased sort of way, but truly, taking each morning to recite this mantra – or life prayer – will set the direction and motivation for a successful day…week, month, life!
    THANK YOU for articulating this so beautiful and the reminder that “doing” is key.

  2. Chris Farmer

    Oh… and I’m printing this out for my daily agenda to remind myself!
    Thank you Lisa for helping all of us!

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