Thinking I would “go” this health journey alone at home, face my weaknesses and potential failures, my closest confidante joins the arena, no longer willing to sit along the sidelines of life anymore. Just when I needed a hand, a fist bump from another warrior, a crusader to cruise into cascading boulders of life with me, he stands up and commits to the cause, capturing the essence of the power of two.

Together we vow, practice self-care, and apply the final change to our lives, healing the insides that trigger our past that flail in our midst and affect our present. Addicted to numbing, reacting, and evading emotions by consumption of unhealthy edibles, we rise, fueling our souls with the necessary recipe for success.

Nearly a decade and a half ago we began our lives with promise, hope and love of a tomorrow we envisioned, and a yesterday lay to rest. Yet the tomorrows often consumed our past, extinguishing the potential success of our future.

Just when I thought I would have to “go” it alone, he joins the health movement, seizes the opportunity, and unites with me again. A miraculous moment as destiny materializes, a pivot or shift to the winds of change, when a clear vision of one’s future has met with the present moment. Shift happens.