Each day relies on great attention and energy. When it wanes, it pours. To remain focused consistently and responsibly to oneself and one’s body can teeter, stumble, and topple so easily . I am a piece of bread, dropping its tiny breadcrumbs, falling helplessly to the ground. Perhaps someone notices and cleans me up, or I am left upon the floor until enough of me is noticed. Constantly picking up pieces of myself as I begin to crumble hurts my soul to maintain the cleanup. Eventually it is easier to remain upon the ground in a heap of a mess, and whither away with the dust surrounding me.

The daily energy for success is significant, at least for those whose struggle has been long term. Prioritizing the self at every moment, choosing kindly on behalf of your body, mind, and spirit, must become a natural, habitual, temporal way of being. When it is no longer a struggle, when the energy wanes of one’s concentration, attention, and energy, and all is second nature in action, the pouring will not result in poor choices and puddles of regret, but become an automatic pilot of self-care, decisions made as sacred as praying.

In this expanse of success, I will know that when it wanes, it pours a heavenly result. Until then, my energy has no space to ebb; it flows until it rains self-love, self-care, and self-respect.