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When Ready, Change Occurs

Learning to roll over obstacles smoothly on the weight loss journey is a challenging process. Recently upon reviewing my food journal to prepare for the next meal, I recall an unrecorded meal I ate earlier. As I stare at the food log with guilty disappointment and feelings of failure, something unexpected occurs. Like a pivot and change in motion without panic, I calmly reflect upon the error.

My inner voice speaks with compassion, “Mistakes happen to everyone. Readjust, eat as you would have, and move on. You’ve got this!” Instead of sinking into the burden of guilt as I have countless times, I forgive myself immediately, show self-compassion, and remove the fear, guilt, and shame associated with defeat. Suddenly resilient in the face of errors, disappointment, and shame, a new way of being transpires.

Personal growth happens without warning sometimes. The moment of clarity beckons, a new reaction appears, and the past releases like a moment of reckoning, freedom, and peace. Taking years for readiness, unknowing when change arises, the transition likely occurs gradually until the tipping point when it reaches fruition. When ready for change, becoming resilient and alleviating shame associated with eating behaviors is a helpful tool for the weight loss journey.

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