Twenty-four hours sometimes feels like it can make or break change. Yet today a new day rises and shines again. Surviving one full day back on a healthy food and exercise plan, a dance twirls my world inside and out as vulnerability plays with my mind and my body craves sugar and achingly urges me to rest on a couch and eat bonbons.

Journaling food into My Fitness Pal, attending a boot camp exercise class, and keeping the mindset to visualize my outcome pours into today. Steaz® replaces cookies, vegetables and grass-fed beef replaced pizza. Cookies call my name as does pizza when I serve it to my children. Carbohydrates perpetuate a need for increased sugar when my energy level diminishes. Instead, my energy remains stable, the beginning of eliminating roller coaster, blood sugar levels.

Although day two shall feel critical upon this journey, every day is crucial. Giving each moment intention and energy is vital. Being present in each moment enables focus on what occurs, consciously, mindfully, and bravely. Visualize the goal as successful, feeling what that will feel like, yet then be in the moment to determine actions and outcomes. That is all; nothing more supports the journey to the end. A new day dawns inside.Rise and shine to meet it.