Yesterday had me pinned down by sugar-filled, processed foods calling my name, recklessly devouring any ounce of decency and will power. I thought I had a plan to keep the sugar levels stable. Yet the cravings began early, and soon my plan was scrapped entirely. I walked into several locations unprepared, blindly stupefied when things went awry. Yet in hindsight, I poorly executed the day. Without a proper breakfast, prepared foods, and the weakness of prepping when hungry, results were futile. I sank into the plate for Strike 2. When I got up at bat for the second straight day, I thought I’d knock it out of the park. Yet now, I’d settle for a single, knowing that one hit can lead to another, which eventually will lead me home.

What I would not do to be back home again, full of energy, hope, and assurance that the road to healing was paved ahead, and I was following it diligently without detours. What will I not do?

  1. I will not allow processed foods to cross my lips.
  2. I will not walk into stores that contain isles of sugar-laden delights.
  3. I will not deceive myself that my kids’ snacks are accessible and therefore, not considered theft if consumed.
  4. I will not believe a few days does not matter. Each moment matters in life.
  5. I will not pretend I am healed from the carbohydrate/sugar addiction after 12 weeks of success.
  6. I will not practice self-sabotage.
  7. I will not lie to myself anymore about what needs to be done.

There is no try; there is only do. – Yoda

Today what I will not do will dictate what I do. I’m up to the plate again, and striking out is not an option. A base hit is all I am looking for, so that tomorrow a repeat performance is more likely.